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A business s project is overall tasks that are related to execution of a particular business model. For example, if a business model is about digital marketing outsourcing, the business project will start from industry research, market research, developing client acquisition strategy, hiring employees, setting up processes and starting operations.

There are three kinds of business projects:

  1. Strategic Projects: This type of project is completely based on making strategies individually for a particular business domain. For example, a strategic project is to make competitive pricing strategy for product launch in the target market and to have an edge over competition through better pricing technique.


  1. Operational Projects: This type of project is based on business operations. For example, an operational project is to make a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for your business.


  1. Recurring Projects: This type of project keeps happening in intervals. For example, a recurring project is a project to updating your mobile application, or updating operating system as per the latest technology for the whole organization.

How CBT help?

CBT is a team of experts from various domains, serial entrepreneurs, alumni of IIM and IITs and startup consultants. We bring in niche expertise in every project and take care of research, brainstorming, planning and efficient execution. With CBT, projects are planned properly, executed within the stipulated time and results are achieved in an effective manner.

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